Chandru Bolaki Founder / Managing Director

Chandru Bolaki Founder / Managing Director


Mr. Chandru Bolaki (CB) is a IT/Telecom veteran having had the privilege of working in some great organizations over the past 20 years including IBM, US Robotics, 3Com, UTStarcom and HCL. He also founded Go East in California in 2009 whose India operations were acquired by a large telecom infrastructure vendor.

His telecom experience spans all the exciting innovations over the past 20 years including dial up modems, broadband, wireless and VoIP gateways and IPTV. He has served in cross functional roles across Customer Services, R&D, Sales and Business Development and as Founder/CEO of Go East and BetOnIndia Technology Private Limited.

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Sunder Raju Advisory Board Member (Founder of ACT/Atria Power)

Sunder Raju Advisory Board Member (Founder of ACT/Atria Power)


Sunder Raju is the Managing Director of ACT, the flagship company of the Atria group. Sunder sets the direction for ACT management committee, plays a pivotal role in creating the vibrant culture and leads the thinking on what technology can offer to the society through ACT’s vision.

Sunder Raju holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and has a rich experience in a wide array of industries. He was a key player in setting up Sunray Computers in 1981, the first Indian company to introduce the concepts of 32-bit architecture in Unix OS. Indus Valley, a division of Sunray Computers functions as a full-fledged software services and support company.

Other than ACT, his endeavors under the Atria Group include ventures in Hospitality, Real Estate, Power and Information Technology. He was also the Hon. Secretary of the State Lawn Tennis Association, Karnataka and key force for reviving the association to host the World Legends Tournament and the ATP World Championship in Bangalore.

Mr. Sunder Raju has in the past been nominated to the Prime Minister’s Sectoral Innovation Council to deliver a road map for innovation and create an eco-system for inclusive growth & development in the social sector.

Sunil Gaitonde Advisory Board Member (Founder of GSLab/Kpoint)

Sunil Gaitonde Advisory Board Member (Founder of GSLab/Kpoint)


Sunil Gaitonde is an Indian-American, engineer, businessman, entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Great Software Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. (GS Lab). He also founded and chaired the board for Sarvega, which was acquired by Intel, and he founded Internet Junction, which was acquired by Cisco Systems.

Gaitonde began his career in 1988 at IBM where he designed the models, formats and protocols for several IBM data connectivity architectures. In 1994, he founded Internet Junction, which focused on making Internet connectivity more easily used by Novell users with PCs. Internet Junction developed Internet connectivity technology for Novell PC users. After Cisco acquired Internet Junction in 1995 and until June, 2000, Gaitonde worked for Cisco where he led teams that built cutting edge appliance products, including Cisco’s Cache Engine.

In 2000, he co-founded Sarvega (with others he met through TiE- Midwest, USA, a non-profit network of entrepreneurs), in Chicago and served as chairman of its board. He raised over $20M in venture capital in 2000 when the dot-com bubble was bursting, one of the worst times for high-tech and Internet related companies, of which Sarvega was both. Sarvega provided products that secured and scaled ML-based Web services applications. Intel acquired Sarvega in August 2005.

After Intel acquired Sarvega, Gaitonde founded Great Software Laboratory (GS Lab). Based in Pune, India, GS Lab provides end-to-end product development services (in the area of next-generation data communication and network security), mainly in the US. Gaitonde has forged partnerships between GS Lab and several cutting edge start-ups.

Additionally, Gaitonde is a member of TiE’s board of directors. He holds numerous patents in the field of data communications and has had several of his papers published.

Gaitonde earned a Ph.D. from Iowa State for his work in computer networking. Prior to this he earned a Bachelor of Technology degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 1983.

David King Advisory Board Member (CEO – Flexenclosure)

David King Advisory Board Member (CEO – Flexenclosure)


David King is an international business leader with over 15 years’ experience in telecom and high-technology markets. He has held senior executive roles in companies in both the US and Europe. He is currently CEO of Flexenclosure a Swedish based designer and manufacturer of prefabricated modular data centers and intelligent power management solutions.

His previous roles include COO of Acision, CEO of Visual Wireless and General Manager of Ericsson’s wireline business. He is an experienced board member and chairman.

Led two successful exits and raised >$30M in venture funding. Obtained MBA from London Business School and spent seven years strategy consulting. Prior to his general management career he spent seven years strategy consulting.

David holds a MBA from London Business School.

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Tatai Krishnan Advisory Board Member (Director – Polycom)

Tatai Krishnan Advisory Board Member (Director – Polycom)


Mr. Tatai Krishnan (Krish) is a Telecom/IT veteran currently holding a Director position with Polycom Inc. and is a member of OVCC. Over the past 20 years Krish has worked as a senior executive in several organizations including US Robotics, 3Com, UTStarcom, Lyka and Motorola.

As an experienced Telecom executive, Krish has wide range of experience in the areas of Voice, Data, and Video and has been instrumental in creating and innovating unified communication, video communication service solutions. He has also been part of M&A activities, services business development and service sales.

As a part of Bet on India’s initiatives, Krish currently brings innovative, leadership and services management skills to mentor and nurture the teams and companies that will be selected for incubation.

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Abhishek Daryanani Advisory Board Member (Director – Lucky World Trading)

Abhishek Daryanani Advisory Board Member (Director – Lucky World Trading)


Abhishek J Daryanani, is a Dubai based Entrepreneur who has built successful enterprises in wholesale and retail textiles and fashion, and real estate. He is the Managing Director of Lucky World Trading which has operations in UAE and other Gulf countries and sources its products from China, Korea and India. His next objective is to diversify into technology and he has been involved with and backed BetOnIndia from the concept stage.

Abhishek is focused on helping BetOnIndia identify Chinese manufacturers who can supply the product needed for our SecureHome initiative.

Abishek has a Bachelors in Business Management from the American University of Dubai.

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Mohan Rijhwani Advisory Board Member (Software Architect – Palo Alto Networks)

Mohan Rijhwani Advisory Board Member (Software Architect – Palo Alto Networks)


Mr. Mohan Rijhwani is a Networking and security specialist working with several successful start-ups over last 20 years in Silicon Valley. He has worked on design and architecture of network management and monitoring systems for WAN accelerator and next generation firewall at the start-ups to create world class products that have been very successful and have been marketed by companies such as Juniper Networks and Lucent Technologies.

Currently Mr. Rijhwani is working as Software Architect at Palo Alto Networks – a highly successful cyber security company, designing next generation firewall products. His interests include advancement of technology for better use for mankind and environment. He has been mentoring undergraduate students at IIT Kanpur (his Alma mater) on their Entrepreneurial ideas and funding them through Alumni funds available for IITK students.

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