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Security (particularly home security) in India is a gaping need and provides significant market potential. With elevated income levels, two working parents, increased business travel and elders and maids to care for the home and kids, there is a growing problem with crime in the average Indian home.

Through our survey we have found while there are many CCTV and non-CCTV based solutions available in the market, there is significant market potential for a service provider who can provide an affordable and comprehensive security system and service. Given the huge size of the Indian market, more than one service provider can succeed in a significant way, i.e. it’s not a “winner take all” market.

We are incubating a service provider to provide robust 24/7 security for the average Indian home under our CareVision initiative. Our objective is to provide a system and service that focuses on crime deterrence and emergency response. It will allow you to monitor your home as well as our centralized monitoring center will monitor for emergencies and coordinate a quick emergency response. In the unfortunate cases a crime still occurs, we will provide insurance for losses as well as assistance to the police in catching and convicting the criminals.

Our vision is to build a solution and service that can be delivered within INR 20000 per installation plus Rs 300-500 per month for the streaming, monitoring, emergency response and insurance services.

CareVision is a complete home security system bundled with 24/7 monitoring and emergency response including medical ERT services, and insurance coverage and assistance to police in criminal cases.

CareVision is built with latest mobile, web & telecom technology with built-in intelligent notifications, alerts and encrypted video streaming and capture to enable you to monitor your home security. Our centralized monitoring service will ensure emergencies are responded to quickly as well as provide assistance with police cases and insurance claims in the event of a loss.